Spokane: Hustlin' Hackett

By Lindsay Schnell - March 17, 2007

I really like alliteration.

Hackett drove, got blocked on an 8-footer, got the ball back and made a layup falling down as the shot clock expired. Hustle and athletic plays like that is why USC is winning this game. So much for being within four with four minutes to go for Ark. Trojans lead 69-52.

As a West Coast girl I have to say thank goodness USC won; after the pathetic showings of Stanford and Arizona, everyone was starting to rip on the Pac-10 again. Now I realize Oregon squeaking by Miami didn't do much for the Pac-10's rep, either, but a win is a win. If the Ducks lose to Winthrop Sunday, then I'll admit the Pac-10 is nothing but hype. And I'll transfer to a Big XII school because I can't be in a bad basketball conference.

Do you think if I transferred to Texas I could follow Rick Barnes around non-stop asking him why he doesn't give the ball to Durant on virtually every possession? I'm sure that'd be his dream come true: some annoying 20something shadowing him and questioning every decision he makes. Hey, someone has to do the dirty work around here.

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 12:07 AM on March 17, 2007

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