Spokane: Miami hanging around

By Lindsay Schnell - March 16, 2007

Miami just won't go away. Brooks pulled up and was fouled, so Ducks lead by three, but the Redhawks will surely answer. Oregon doesn't seem to be playing with a huge sense of urgency though, and maybe that's a good thing. In the past this is the point where the Ducks would start to fall apart and snap at each other and before you know it, they'd be down by 20.

I'm sitting next to Jerry Allen and Jay Allen, (I know, right?) the radio guys for Oregon and I guess they're good friends with the Duck mascot, whose name I am unsure of. He just came over, shook his head in shock/disgust, made some weird quacking noise, got a high-five and left. I'm not sure what it all meant.

I will say this about Miami: if the Hawks keep sticking around, Oregon could be in a bit of trouble just because Kent is not the best at making in-game changes and adjustments. He's a hell of a recruiter and a good one-on-one coach, but late game situations make most Duck fans nervous. But we've still got 11:52 to play, so maybe I should just shut up and eat my popcorn.

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 06:11 PM on March 16, 2007

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