Spokane: Oscar nomination

By Lindsay Schnell - March 16, 2007

What an acting job by Taylor for Oregon. Miami's St. Clair wasn't even making a move when Taylor started to fall back. He added a grunt for extra effect and it worked. St. Clair got charged with the foul and Oregon gets the ball back.

Ducks didn't score a field goal until 16:01, but Luenen got them on the board with two free throws. 9-4, Miami but Oregon looks okay. Miami is boarding the ball well and should use their size to go right inside (Oregon isn't so big on the block).

I'm trying to find Phil Knight, but he's somewhere up in a suite.

Brooks just made a move to the basket and got an and one proving yet again (at least in my opinion) that he should have been the Pac-10 POY, not Afflalo.

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 05:03 PM on March 16, 2007

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