Spokane: Trojans flying high

By Lindsay Schnell - March 18, 2007

Could we have the second Pac-10 team of the day headed to the Sweet 16?

USC looks so damn good right now. Every time Texas tries to go on a little run, USC has the answer. A few possessions ago it was Young slicing through the defense for a sweet twisting layup and just now it was Stewart with a 16-foot baseline jumper.

Texas is down 18 and just can't get over the hump. 6:52 to play ... Durant has 22 points and had an emphatic steal and dunk a minute ago, but it's not enough. He needs to score almost every possession at this point, which he is perfectly capable of.

In other news, we're getting false information from the PA! He just said Nevada was up by four, but a friend told me Memphis is up 13 ... what's going on? We should all get free candy from the Spokane Arena for the PA being wrong.

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 06:47 PM on March 18, 2007

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