Spokane: Up and running

By Lindsay Schnell - March 16, 2007

Alright, after a lot of technical difficulties, we are up and running! Both teams are on the floor warming up, refs have just walked out and bands are in full force.

I didn't get a chance to post a blog yesterday because we were in the car FOREVER but here's the skinny on these two teams:

No. 6 seed Notre Dame: Irish have won six of their last seven, dropping an 84-82 heartbreaker to Georgetown in the Big East semis. Easily one of the best coaching jobs in the nation this year was done by ND's Mike Brey. Guard Russel Carter leads Irish with 17 points per game, but Irish also have three other scorers who average over 10 points per game. They also have some big-time rookies: ND starts two freshmen and both were on the Big East All-Rookiet team.

No. 11 seed Winthrop: If I were Notre Dame, I would be scared. That's because Winthrop has lost just four games this season, and they were to some darn good teams: UNC, Maryland, Wisconsin and Texas A&M. Eke. Eagles are in the tourney for the seventh time and could do some serious damage (I think all Bracketologists would agree this is the easiest region). Junior Michael Jenkins leads the team with 15 points and three assists per game. I'm going to call it now: Winthrop will win. I say this for two reasons: 1.) They are better and on a bit of a roll right now. 2.) While the Big East is a major conf, I personally think it was a bit of a down year (UConn and Cuse aren't even in it?! Come on!) 3.) There weren't any upsets yesterday, so we're due.

National anthem just played. I love when old men sing along with our country's own fight song. Speaking of fight songs, the Winthrop band started playing its so loudly it about knocked me over when I walked past. But I recovered.

The Irish cheerleaders are doing a little high kick routine right now, ala the Rockettes. (Isn't that their name? I'm not old so I don't know ... I'll call my dad and ask.)

Arena isn't very full yet, but it will be later, espeically when the Ducks take the floor. It's been sold out for awhile and I met quite a few people on the road traveling up from Eugene.

Six minutes to tip ...

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 02:08 PM on March 16, 2007

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