Spokane Wrap up: And my fortune says ...

By Lindsay Schnell - March 17, 2007

Sorry for the long delay, but we grabbed a bite to eat at P.F. Changs, this delicious Chinese restaurant downtown.

But before I go any further, I should probably explain who “we” is.

As you may or may not know, I’m a student at Oregon State (hence the constant ripping on Beaver basketball). Well I’m good friends with the sports editor at the student paper at Oregon, whose name is Luke. I’ve been planning on going to Spokane for quite awhile and as soon as I found out Oregon was seeded here I called Luke and suggested we roadtrip. He agreed and brought with him a good portion of the staff of the Oregon Daily Emerald.

So along with me and Luke is Jacob, the other reporter and Matt and John, their photographers. Jon met us up here (he caught the bus that the new UO AD chartered for students) and we all went out to dinner tonight. It was excellent.

Now, on to basketball stuff.

Quote of the Day: “Midway through the second half it looked pretty good and then a leprechaun closed the rim.”

That was Winthrop coach Gregg Marshall, talking about the Irish’s defense midway through the second half. Cheesy, yes, but also a little clever.

Player of the Day: It’s a tie between Brooks of Oregon and Durant of Texas.

I say Brooks because he was steady all game and never panicked, even when things got tight. He drove to the basket three times toward the end of the game and the first two got swatted away. That would make a lot of players hesistant but Brooks went right at the Redhawks big men again and got to the line the third time. He then proceeded to hit two clutch FTs. He finished with 18 points and five assists and was perfect from the foul line, going 6-for-6.

I pick Durant mostly because of the impact he had on the game with limited touches. He finished with 27 points on … get this … 13 shots. 13 shots! That’s amazing. Now, he went to the line 16 times and missed just once, but a lot of those FTs came late when New Mexico State was fouling to stop the clock. If there was one blemish though, it was Durant’s five turnovers. But if you were getting double and triple teamed constantly and only weighed 189 pounds, you might turn the ball over, too.

All in all a great day of basketball. Some games were a lot closer than they should have been, but no complaints here. No surprises, really. Winthrop was technically an upset, but as Seth Davis pointed out this morning, there has been so much talk about them they weren’t going to take anyone by surprise. I don’t think Notre Dame coach Mike Brey got anything he wasn’t expecting.

As for Sunday’s matchups, Oregon/Winthrop should be a great game. Both teams are very athletic and I expect a mini track meet. Now, Oregon should win, but if they play like they did today, I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost by 15. Remember that before this afternoon, none of Oregon’s players had ever played a second of NCAA tournament ball. But they can’t use that excuse anymore.

Texas/USC is intriguing. A reporter in the post game press conference asked Taj Gibson, the fabulous freshman from USC, if he had given any thought to guarding Durant. Trojan coach Tim Floyd immediately interjected, saying maybe he wouldn’t guard Durant. But the fact that we’ll have two rookies on the floor for a spot in the Sweet 16, guarding each other or not, is enough for me. Texas is definitely capable of winning by 20+, but USC played some stifling defense tonight and I’d think they’re going to carry it over.

Alright well before I crawl in this nice warm bed and sleep for more than six hours, I thought I would share with you our fortunes from dinner tonight:

“You will always be surrounded by true friends.”
“You will be a great success both in business and socially.”
“A wish will be granted after a long delay.”
“Others appreciate you expressive qualities.”
“You have the talent to accomplish your goals.”

And I found this one lying on the floor … “You will be selected for a promotion because of your accomplishments.”

Luke reminded all of us that you’re supposed to add “in bed” to the end of each fortune, but I’ll let you contemplate the dirty jokes without my help.

Good night from Spokane!

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 04:30 AM on March 17, 2007

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