St. Louis: Florida up early

By Jerry Palm - March 25, 2007

Some key early stats. Florida has seven rebounds already, including four on offense. The Ducks gave up 19 offensive rebounds to UNLV, and a number like that today will probably be fatal.

Oregon has missed two of its first three three pointers, both by Friday's star, Tajuan Porter. The Ducks are only 2-6 from the floor to start the game, but Florida is only 3-9.

Florida has three turnovers already. They have been sloppy with the ball to start each of the last four halves.

The net got caught on the rim at the Oregon hoop. That net also got caught twice on Friday.

The refs have already had to tell the kids on the bench to sit down twice.

It turns out that the Oregon cheerleader that I mentioned the other day that is bigger than all the others is Ernie Kent's daughter.

Florida leads 8-5 at the first timeout.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 02:49 PM on March 25, 2007

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