WCC: Need a pencil?

By Lindsay Schnell - March 04, 2007

Okay this game is over. Zaga leads 80-62 with 3:25 and Bouldin is going to the line for two. The second USD starter just fouled out.

So, in other news, the guy sitting to the left of me has four pencils. Why do you need so many, I wonder? He also seems to have some sort of rotation worked out so none of them gets too dull. Three of them are Dixon Ticonderogas, which everyone knows is the greatest pencil on the face of the earth. My high school calculus teacher would like this guy.

How bad of a person would I be if I stole one of these pencils just to see if the guy freaks out?

He's got a pretty good grip on all four of them though, so I don't think my odds of getting away with one are any good.

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 11:25 PM on March 04, 2007
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At the risk of revealing beyond any shadow of a doubt that I'm a flaming geek, I always use a mechanical pencil. I'm surprised your calculus teacher didn't. You might recommend it to pencil guy.

I never would have thought I would write three sentences about pencils.

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