WCC: Time running out for Broncos

By Lindsay Schnell - March 05, 2007

Gonzaga is going to win this. They are absolutely in total control. Even after a Santa Clara score, the Bulldogs look confident and are doing a good job running their offense.

One thing I have to say I'm surprised to have seen -- or not seen: Not much pressing this game. Gonzaga has a great half court trapping press (or maybe they just all read when to trap extremely well) but they haven't used it much.

I think Gonzaga will be going dancing again pretty soon. Bulldogs lead 65-57 with 2:19 to go. However, if they want to do any damage in the NCAA tourney Abdullahi Kuso HAS TO STOP FOULING OUT. Second game in a row ... yesterday he left with about seven minutes to go, today with two minutes to go. If the kid would just stay on his feet instead of trying to block everything it would really help him.

And Santa Clara has started the fouling. Ugh. I HATE this part of the games -- this is where the last two minutes take 10 minutes to play.

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 10:50 PM on March 05, 2007

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