Winston-Salem: Big Country Redux

By Matt Meyers - March 15, 2007

If you've been a fan of college basketball for more than 10 years, you can't look at Belmont's Boomer Herndon and not think of Bryan "Big Country" Reeves, who led Oklahoma State to the Final Four in 1995.

From the flat-top haircut to the large but undefined arms, it is all there. At 6-feet-10, 255 pounds, he is the only Bruin who does not look like a child next to Roy Hibbert.

Also, they just showed a picture of Christian Laettner on the jumbotron in regards to the NCAA Top 100. I am guessing it refers to the top 100 players. I am not sure, but the photo got heartily booed.

Posted by Matt Meyers at 03:45 PM on March 15, 2007

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