Winston-Salem: Feels Like The Dean Dome

By Matt Meyers - March 15, 2007

With more than eight minutes remaining in the Michigan State-Marquette game, the crowd has begun the call and response, "Tar"-"Heels" chant. Carolina won't tip off for another 45 minutes but this crowd is ready for action. As you can imagine with this arena being an hour away from Chapel Hill, it is a decidely pro-Carolina crowd. For example, they just announced that Duke was up by nine points and the crowd jeered lustily.

The biggest benefit of being a heavy underdog in the NCAA tournament is that the crowd is quick to jump behind you, as they did with Belmont this afternoon. Unfortunately for Eastern Kentucky, they will not have that luxury. As if things could not get any tougher for the Colonels.

Posted by Matt Meyers at 09:04 PM on March 15, 2007

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