Final Four: Best post-game moment. A Fine(stein) one.

By Eric Sorenson - April 03, 2007

After Thad Motta and Ohio State were done in the interview room, room coordinator Joh Gerdes announced to the media that was waiting around, "Florida just made it to their dressing room. They'll be here in about 10 minutes."

(... slight pause)

Then we hear John Feinstein crank up from the back of the room, "Ridiculous! Look they've been out on the floor for the past 30 minutes. They don't need a 10-minute cooling off period! It's after midnight. Just go get them."

John Gerdes responded with, "I'll pass that along to them John." and then left the room.

Meanwhile, another press sribe said to Feinstein, "You could be voted President of the country for that one, John."

Feinstein answered with, "Thanks. I'd be the first democrat to get voted in since 2000."

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 12:46 AM on April 03, 2007

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