Final Four: Blogger on Blogger Crime

By David Scott - April 02, 2007

A certain leader of worldwide proportions has enlisted the services of a writer who has impressive credentials and is widely recognized as one of his generation's most creative auteurs.

However, the guy is apparently stealing some of the handsome money he's earning as he is claiming that courtside WiFi is too sketchy for his blogging prowess becasue of the "traffic."

Let me tell you something folks, the courtside WiFi is just fine and if you think we're lying, just look at the work that the fine, hard-working souls at this website have been putting forth.

On Saturday night the same pseudo-blogger complained about his seating being up in the eaves. Tonight he's making up stories about slow access to avoid doing what a live-blogger should be doing, which is blogger.

. . . Jim Tressel and a woman we believe to be his wife is sitting behind use, over our left shoulder.

. . . Sorry for the venting on the other so-called live-blogger - but we're running on fumes after busting our butt for five straight days and prima donna writers are not high on our list of faves.

Posted by David Scott at 10:57 PM on April 02, 2007

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