Final Four: Closing down the house

By Jerry Palm - April 02, 2007

Yesterday's post-practice festivities started at Pittypat's Porch. My first visit to Pittypat's was in 1984, when I was here for the Peach Bowl and I make sure I get over there every time I come back. Great mint juleps....

When I was there yesterday, I ended up talking to a really nice couple from upstate NY who are big Buckeye fans. It turns out Pittypat's is the Ohio St fan bar. I need to go find Florida's sometime. We ended up talking for two mint juleps (about an hour) about everything from Big Ten bands to Italian restaurants in South Bend. Although occasionally, a sentence would get interrupted by the OH-IO cheer. "Jerry, let me tell you about this (OH! from across the room) IO! great Italian restaurant..."

I went out for dinner with a writer who took me to a place that serves buffalo meat. Not being a terribly adventurous eater, I was skeptical, but I ended up having some and it was pretty good. Tastes just like chicken.

Then, it was off on another kamikaze mission with fellow blogger David Scott. We went up to a party of... well, I'm still not entirely sure who's party it was, but it was up at a bar in the Buckhead part of town, which is where a lot of the bars and clubs are in Atlanta. Or at least used to be. We learned from Heather the bartender that Buckhead is going to be bulldozed and condo buildings are going up where the bars are now. So it turns out that when we closed down that bar, we were closing it down for good.

That was supposed to be at midnight. The security guy (the place had a ratio of 3-1 security guys to bartenders - not usually a good sign) where we were upstairs was so anxious to throw us out at the stroke of Midnight that he interrupted a radio interview I was doing on the phone to shoo me out of there. Twice. I thought he was going to toss me off the balcony. So, I went downstairs (which, oddly, was not being evacuated) and noticed that David didn't come down. He got Heather to give us some extra time up there (15 minutes, which was more like 45).

While we were still there, some waiter from the restaurant next door comes over and starts talking our ear off about what's going to happen to Buckhead, but also letting us know that, "this is Atlanta - everything goes here." I imagine that will be the tourist bureau's next slogan. As strange as this guy was, the strangest thing about him was that he had business cards. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I ever got a business card from a waiter.

Our time was finally up, so we piled into a cab and left Buckhead for the final time. We all agreed we'd miss the place, with the possible exception of one bar that was kind of an eyesore called Uranus. Insert your own punch line here.

One of the reasons David is such an outstanding reporter is that he will talk to anyone, so when we got in the cab, he started chatting up the cabbie. We found out that he was from Madagascar, which David pointed out, "is the best property in Risk." David also found out that he went to Georgia Tech, which led to the following exchange:

DS: What's your degree?
Cabbie: Animal Science
DS: (pregnant pause) I have a dog.
DS: (after finding out he - the Cabbie, not David - cloned sheep) Are you still practicing cloning?
Cabbie: Yes. You want another dog?

We finally arrived at our destination, an Irish pub across from the hotel. There we found some more writers who will not be named to protect both the innocent and my nose. My nose might be in trouble anyway because while navigating through the crowd, I inadvertently bumped into someone, which ruined another person's marriage prospects. I still haven't figured out entirely how that happened either.

We were eventually thrown out of that place too, but because David wears a thermal coat capable of hiding several beers, we were able to go back to the hotel lobby and finish off his supply before calling it a morning. I got to bed around 4 AM and had to be up for the USBWA breakfast at 9.

I'll have more later.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 01:37 PM on April 02, 2007

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