Final Four: Dome Closing in Ten Minutes

By David Scott - April 03, 2007

An announcement was just made that the "Dome will be closing in 10 minutes." Guess that means we're all going to to have a sleep ove ron the confetti-strewn court. I call the stage!

. . . Jim Gray of CBS Radio was just introducing his dad around to his co-workers, Bill Raftery and John Thompson, and it was sort of a nice, touching scene. I'm a sucker for dad-son scenes and I won't deny that.

. . . Billy Donovan on being among an elite circle of coaches with multiple national titles:

'Well, it's very flattering. But I think there are a lot more coaches who are more deserving. Coaches on the Dvision II and Division III level who don;t get the exposure on this national stage.

. . . Joakim Noah on winning it all:

"I'm so proud of this team, I love them so much. This has been so much fun; we've been through so much, so much adversity together. I feel like we've accomplished something special. Som many people doubted us, but we're in the books now. People can say whatever they want about this team, but at the end of the line, they have to say we won back to back titles."

. . . OSU was 4 of 23 from 3-point land while Florida was 10 of 18. The Buckeyes scored 48 of its 75 points in the paint.

. . . Jamal Butler summed a point we made during the game when asked what his team didn't do to win the game: "Hustle plays. I mean, they got every hustle play. All the turnovers we had, they capitalized on them."

Posted by David Scott at 12:22 AM on April 03, 2007

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