Final Four: Gators making a run

By Jerry Palm - April 02, 2007

Florida switched to zone out of the last timeout and OSU having problems with it. The Gators only gave up four points during this last stretch and Oden hardly touched the ball.

Horford and Brewer have missed badly on shots inside lane - possibly Oden's mere presence altering the shot.

Noah was called for a foul for sticking his knee in the butt on Oden (he also had both hands on him). After OSU gives it right back on an offensive foul, Noah asks Donovan, "I can't do this? (does knee motion) and Donovan says "no." Noah just shrugs.

Brewer missed a minute because he stepped funny and went down. He came out, but went right back in at the next opportunity.

A layup and four free throws have the Gators up four at the second timeout.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 09:45 PM on April 02, 2007

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