Final Four: Jocks and Jills, Part I

By David Scott - April 02, 2007

JOCKS & JILLS SPORTS BAR, NEAR THE GEORGIA DOME - We'vre established a home base at a corner spot at J&Js where the crowd is beginning to build with a collection of blue, orange, red and gray clad fans. It's still probably a bit early for the rowdies to be present with the post-9 p.m. tip, but with a full slate of Opening Day baseball being show throughout the bar, it's a perfect sporting afternoon (especially when the Red Sox atrat at 4 p.m.)

. . . We're joined at the Hang Time perch by the honorable Atlantic Ten commissioner Linda Bruno who has just enjoyed a nice snack of nachos with UMass senior associate athletic director, Thorr (Thorr, Open the Door) Bjorn and the erstwhile CSTV Director of Marketing Partnerships, Bill Strickland. My connection to the crew is that I used to attend and work at UMass and they all, at one point or another, were kind enough to provide free meal and beverage for a struggling college-aged person of little means. (Funny, they're still dong that and I'm still of little means, but far from college-aged.)

. . . Now that we've divulged our location, we're fairly sure Jerry Palm will be quick to follow so that he can play holier-than-thou and spread more falsehoods about my honest attempts to simply spread the gospel of and its high class stable of live-bloggers and writers. That's the only reason I have been at the bars of ill repute of which Palm speaks.

All about the team, JPalm - one for all and all for CSTV.

. . . When last we left this spot, we had made the acquaintance of Nancy and Phil a happily married couple from Columbus who presented as a downhome, wholesome pair. That was, until Nancy began calling her bookie, trying to scalp tickets and drinking like a sailor. We tell you this because we miss Nancy (and Phil to some extent) and we're hoping she stops by to see us again.

Posted by David Scott at 03:18 PM on April 02, 2007
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'Red' and grey????
That would be scarlet and grey.

GO BUCKS!!! Just do it!

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