Final Four: Jocks & Jills, Final Part

By David Scott - April 02, 2007

Gator Wench is now in on the joke and she's not offended at all. This is a good woman that Steve has landed here and we're encouraging a quick courtship so they can create little Gators.

Gator Wench and Steve each have season tickets in Gainesville for football and hoops, but they are separate. Time to unite those seats.

. . . Meet Mel, who we asked if she was a Gator fan:

"I am definitely not a freakin' Ohio State fan," said Mel, a Wisconsin Badger who is in town with her friend Julie for the games. They both live in Ann Arbor and can not find it in their hearts to root for th Buckeyes. "Hail to the Victors, baby," said Mel.

. . . A dead ringer for Terry Francona has entered the bar. He's even in red, but his red is for the Buckeyes. The Sox are trailing 2-1 in the bottom of the fourth to KC.

. . . Gator Wench's fella, Steve, is claming that Brewer, Horford and Green will combine to score more points than the Buckeyes attained in total yards during the BCS game (82 net yards). Steve has great taste in women, but his handicapping skills are a bit suspect.

Fortunately, Gator Wench more than makes up for Steve's shortcomings.

. . . Car Bomber is searching for a Gator Tramp to be the evil sidekick of Gator Wench. At some point, this all became a bizarre comic book and it's a good indication that we've overstayed our visit.

. . . The late-arriver from UMass, Associate Athletic Director Tim Kenney has arrived - probably just waking up after a hard day of work. Kenney and Coach Travis Ford were at the Runyon's Party last night and were both quite excited to meet Jerry Palm, whose work they use extensively for non-conference scheduling purposes.

. . . Thorr just asked if he can check his bank statement on my computer.

. . . After the jump: The Return of Phil and Nancy from Columbus!. . .

. . . Evan Giovanello from Holbrook, Mass, which is quite nearby my home stomping grounds, is serving as our bartender and he's wearing his Red Sox hat to show his true colors.

. . . Our Saturday friends, Phil and Nancy from Columbus are back and Nancy says the agme will depend entirely on how the officials call the game. She also has it on good information that the spread is Florida by four. Unfortunately, she's not playing with the money she should have won from Saturday. "I got too buzzed and missed making the call." Did we tell you she had both a bit of a drinking and gambling issue?

. . . Gator Wench has just informed us that she would like it known for the record that her ex is a "cheating lying manipulating sunofabitch." These are things you learn at the Final Four.

. . . Gator Wench believes that the red-haired gentleman in the Gators shirt at the end of the bar is winking at her

. . . We've got a late development in the Gator Wench/Steve courtship: Steve's dad, Brian is sharing the hotel suite with the couple. Dad's actually been here the whole time and we had no idea because he's quietly imbibing at the end of the bar.

"He needs a hip replacement," said Gator Wench.

We're not touching this one with a ten foot Gator. (Although she claims Dad needed the hip replacment even before this weekend, so get that crap out of your mind, you're a pig. It's Gainesville, not West Virginia.)

. . . Car Bomber just found two unsuspecting accomplices for another round of Car Bombs. Gator Wench claims she's too "dainty" to such a shot.

We are still undecided on her daintiness. But her blog material is priceless.

. . .'s Andy Katz is reporting that Stan Heath is going to South Florida. Great get by SoFla, but its' still a very tough job in a brutal league.

. . . We're going to pack it in from J&Js, although a part of us knows it would be better material if we stayed here all night. We'll be back with a pre-game look at the writer/composer of One Shining Moment, David Barrett.

Posted by David Scott at 05:37 PM on April 02, 2007

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