Final Four: Jocks & Jills, Part II

By David Scott - April 02, 2007

A group of nine Buckeye students - all of whom drove the nine hours from Columbus - just did what was supposed a shot of Apple Jack, which to their understanding is made with Jack Daniels and Apple Pucker. But the cranky-ass bartender Jay gave them Laird's Applejack whiskey (probably on prupose, the hater that he is)>

You should of seen their collective faces when that sucker went down. They all looked like someone just told them Greg Oden had broken his leg.

The group of Lauren, Jenny, Jenna, Theo, Brian, Jackie, Joe, Greg and Nate

Lauren, when she came by the Hang Time perch five minutes later, said, "My throat is still burning. They didn't put any Pucker in."

Theo, who admitted to miissing a "couple of classes" for this journey, asked Jay if he forgot to put in the Pucker and the sucker said, "I gave you what you asked for." Jay needs a day off.

. . . To justify the expenses of this blogging adventure we did ask Commissioner Bruno if she was sad to see the 11-year old Atlantic 10 football league fold (into the the Colonial Athletic Association) after the end of last season.

"I am," she said. "I think the highlight was that we had three national champions in the 11 years and it was amazing to be a part of that. Our teams were always competitive at the highest level."

The A-10 basketball league remains unchanged and Bruno is expecting good things from the two-bid league for next year.

. . . We're hearing that Florida assistant Donnie Jones is on the short list for the open Marshall University head coaching job. Jones was at MU from 1990-96. His wife is from Salt Rock, West Virginia and Jones is from Point Pleasant, WV.

. . . It also appears that John Beilein will not be the next Michigan coach.

. . . A neighbor at the bar has just ordered a Car Bomb (Guiness with a shot of Baileys dropped in) and the explanantion of what it tastes like to Thorr was, "It's like a milkshake."

Not sure where this gentleman grew up or what ice cream shop he attended, but my milkshakes were never Guinness-flavored at Binky's in Peabody.

. . . Jocks & Jills loses major points for serving the car bomb in a plastic cup (beer) and a paper shot glass (Bailey's) - the neighbor needed to use a straw to keep the shot glass down.

Guess they don't trust this crowd with glass items.

. . . Thorr, Thorr Open The Door just said, "The sky's the limit." There's no real meaning to the statement, but when a man who is 6-4, 240 (his playing weight at UMass during the glory days of 1986-90 in the Yankee Conference), says just about anything, you are required to blog it.

. . . Thorr is becoming a poor man's version of the famous Tony Chiles, who live-blogged with us from the coaches' hotel, as he is now seeking out storylines and eavesdropping on conversations for us. Another live-blogging candidate in the making. I'll be out of a job in no time if I keep bringing more qualified people as my wingmen.

. . . Car Bomber just said, "Planning makes me part of the estabblishment." He also said he has often wondered about people that do this kind of stuff, i.e. blogging. I explained that I usually do it in my mother's basement in a bathrobe.

Thorr thought that was funny.

Posted by David Scott at 04:05 PM on April 02, 2007

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