Final Four: Long night leads to long day

By Jerry Palm - April 01, 2007

After the game last night, I managed to track down fellow slogger and bar hound David Scott in the hotel bar. I got to spend some quality time talking golf, officiating and other things with Jesse Solomon of the Houston Chronicle and Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press. Those two are semi-serious golfers and I'm a big-time hacker (the movie about my golf game would be Indiana Palm and Raiders of the Lost Ball), so it's funny to listen to them trade stories about their struggles to break whatever goal they're trying to make. I have no aspirations of ever breaking 90 or anything like that. Some older guys hope to shoot their age. One day, I'd like to shoot my weight.

That party broke up around 3:30, which means I didn't get much sleep because I had to get up and go to church. For you non-Christians, it's Palm Sunday. I figure if they're going to name a holiday for me, it would be rude of me not to show up. (Yes, I'm vain enough to think it was named for me and don't give me any argument about this holiday beginning hundreds of years before I was born).

After church, I hopped a bus to the dome, where I found David, a man whose endurance is becoming legendary. He's bright-eyed, bushy tailed and ready to go. Eric's here too, and I imagine Bryan is as well, but he's going incognito. Or merely avoiding me again.

I'm going to stick my face in a box of Krispy Kremes and I'll be back with Florida quotes and notes in a bit.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 01:17 PM on April 01, 2007

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