Final Four: Oden Leaves 'Em Smiling

By David Scott - April 01, 2007

We can confirm two things at this point of the afternoon:

1. Jerry Palm Sunday does indeed have his face in a box of Krispy Kreme donuts (the Official Food Group of Live-Bloggers). It's a good look for him and one I will be duplicating in mere moments. Once again the will power to resist orange, basketball frosted sugar mounds is too great to resist.

2. Greg Oden has already accomplished the near-impossible: He left a bevy of usually ornery and sullen media types with broad smiles and visions of wonderful features stories and column dancing in their heads. After 30-plus minutes of questioning and answering from the Room 5 breakout area (where Joakim Noah will soon sit in the same seat), Oden showed a congenial, humorous and slightly introspective side, in contrast to the persona that has been slowly developing of the quiet big man.

We'll have more on Oden tomorrow from the main page of, but for now it's time to get the Gator side of things.

. . . Oh, and as for the Palmologist referring to this live-blogger as a "bar hound," we'd like to suggest that the only way to know and identify a bar hound is, as you can surmise, to be a bar hound yourself.

Takes one to know one, flocks of a feather and peas in a pod does come to mind.

Posted by David Scott at 01:32 PM on April 01, 2007

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