Final Four: OSU-Florida, comparing this and the BCS title game

By Eric Sorenson - April 03, 2007

Poor pitiful me.

I'm the sucker. I'm the goat. I'm the one that has been sent to both the football and basketball national championship games by CSTV here in the last three months or so and had to sit through some lopsided, un-exciting title games. I equate it to going to a friends stag party and having to watch a corporate video by an accounting firm instead of getting to see Girls Gone Wild #21.

I don't mean to look a gift-horse in the mouth or anything, I mean it's totally cool that CSTV sends me out to cover these games. I can dig it. But these Ohio State-Florida championship games have been three-legged dogs in the captivating the imagination department. Where's the winning dunk by Lorenzo Charles? Where's the Vince Young 49-second drill? Where's the Keith Smart shot to win it in the waning seconds? Where's the Pete Giftopolous interception of Vinny Testaverde?

Considering I'm one of those people that was un-biased and didn't care who won either game, I was just hoping to see one of those down-to-wire classics. What I've got in both contests have been classic duds.

Here's a quick look at some of the similarities and differences in the two championship games between the Buckeyes and Gators.

10 Similarities:
- The obvious. Same two teams with huge multi-million dollar budgets and multi-million dollar head coaches made the title game.
- Both were held in sterile, personality-free professional football stadiums.
- Each game had a prohibitive favorite to win.
- Neither game had a lot of drama or much question of outcome.
- Just like the BCS game, you got the feeling the game was over at the halftime too (okay, maybe not to the same over-riding degree).
- Florida fans were much louder than OSU's and seemed like they were having a damn good time. (Well, duh.)
- Both Urban Meyer and Jim Tressel were in attendance. Though some think Tressel did just about the same amount of adjustments in this one as the BCS game.
- Once again, an OSU player was impressively forthcoming and upright in the post-game presser. After the BCS game, Troy Smith was great, answering every question and being very honest. Tonight, Freshman Mike Conley Jr. reacted beyond his years talking candidly about his teams shortcomings in the game.
- Both teams nearly didn't make it to the championship game.
In football, OSU barely edges Michigan by three in game 11 and Florida can thank the right hand of Jarvis Green for blocking that field goal at South Carolina (and UCLA for intercepting that pass in the final minute vs. USC). In basketball, if Justin Cage of Xavier hits a free throw, OSU's season ends in round two and Florida.... well, I guess they never had a hairy last second moment in the NCAAs, so never mind.
- An hour or so after the crowd had filed out of the stadium, I walked through the Ohio State section and once again found numerous pom-pons, signs and even championship game t-shirts. In Arizona, I found a scarlet and gray "I was there. BCS Title Game, Glendale, Arizona, January 8th, 2007" t-shirt laying on a chair.

10 Differences:
- Tonight's game didn't have a money-wasting, blink-and-its-gone military jet fly-over (I know, that's bordering on un-American, but really, does every game need this?).
- One game was held in the dirt brown desert. One was held in the pollen-green-drenched lush-land of the south (Don't know if you guys know, but there is green pollen everywhere in this city. It's pretty nasty.)
- About mid-way through the first half of the BCS game, I was already thinking about college baseball season. About mid-way through the first half of tonight's game, there was still promise for a good game.
- This time the prohibitive favorite won going away.
- Unlike the BCS game, Ohio State seemed to have and offense and knew how to score.
- Less confetti. In Arizona, they really over-did the confetti thing. It was so bad, the stadium crew had field sweepers sweeping up two-to-three inch thick confetti drifts after the crowd had cleared out.
- No chants of "SEC! SEC! SEC!" from the Florida fans this time. Where's that conference pride people?
- Florida defense didn't dominate. But - and this is still huge - their perimeter defense held OSU to 17% (4-for-23) shooting from three-point range.
- Unlike the BCS title game, the first post-game question for the winning coach wasn't about whether he'll be staying at Florida.
- This one included that weepy "One Shining Moment" playing on the big screen. Nothing like that for the BCS title game... thankfully.

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 01:56 AM on April 03, 2007
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Eric, no one likes a whiny vagina.

And it was Jarvis Moss (although moss can be green) that blocked the last-second kick vs. USC.

(in the words of Peter Griffin) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Allie, correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't moss green? See.

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