Final Four: Pregame activities

By Jerry Palm - April 02, 2007

I'm sitting about where I was the other night in what was Washington Post seats about two and a half hours to tip. The Post has two fewer guys here tonight so they let us poach these seats.

On the floor, the green shirts (NCAA staffers and volunteers) were in choir formation at center court, where I thought they might practice the national anthem, but they just got their picture taken after getting a pep talk from Tournament King and Queen Greg Shaheen and Jeannie Boyd. The committee is filing past me onto the floor, and just now, the voice of God came over the PA and announced, "Five minutes until we let the fans in. Put on your smiles, everybody! Let's have a good night!"

The fans are ready. They were outside getting lubed up, mostly at Jocks and Jills, where CSTV bar correspondent David Scott was reporting from earlier today. (Note to DS: I don't mean to come off as "holier than thou." I am in awe of your prowess and endurance. I feel like Dr. Watson chronicling the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.)

I walked over to CNN Center where J&J is and saw a face painter doing a number on a bald, Ohio St fan's head. I thought about going in and getting the CSTV logo on my face, but it was so crowded, I didn't think I'd get back there. Also, I figure DS probably already had it done when he was there earlier and it would be tacky if we both did.

It looked like the Florida fans outnumbered the OSU fans in CNN Center by 3-1, but there were more Buckeye fans roaming around outside. That's probably because they don't get much hot and humid weather in Columbus this time of year. Florida fans, on the other hand, are probably cold.

Ticket prices on the street are pretty high. I overheard a guy on the phone in the hotel lobby say, "Anything good, they're wanting 1500 and up."

Now, the committee and other senior staffers are getting their picture taken on the floor.

I'm going to get some dinner. More later.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 06:52 PM on April 02, 2007

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