Magic Release Statement on Donovan

By David Scott - June 04, 2007

Despite still greeting website visitors with a full screen shot of Billy Donovan holding an Orladno Magic Basketball, the organization has posted the following statement at its website this morning:

While Central Florida, the Orlando Magic and Billy were energized with the announcement of his contract signing on Friday, we know there was a different feeling in Gainesville and people have been tugging at him since that time.

Billy is conflicted with those emotions and the opportunity he has ahead in Orlando and in the NBA.

We've had numerous conversations and a personal visit in Gainesville with Billy over the last 48 hours and we have a commitment from him that the dialogue between us will continue.

Translated for the laymen in our midst: We're gonna make Donovan sweat this one out. Maybe we'll even get into his wallet for some of the Gator money. But he's dead to us and he will never coach here. Thanks for nothing Billy. And can Christine please give big that bouquet of flowers we gave her? We're pretty sure they're still alive considering it's only been two days.

* Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Stan Van Gundy will TRULY be the Magic's next head coach and that the team is relenting on letting Donovan out of the contract which he signed on Friday. It is not clear whether a monetary settlement will be required to allow Donovan to crawl back to Gainesville with his tail between his legs.

Posted by David Scott at 10:44 AM on June 04, 2007
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I think that they souldn't let hem out of the contract because they wouldn't let team players that he sign out of their letter of intened so what the differant between BD and the recruits.Only because he the old coach.

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