NBA Draft: Almond Flavor for Jazz

By David Scott - June 28, 2007

The crowd at the WaMu is starting to thin out now that the Knicks have made their first round selection and, at this time, are without a second round pick. Lucky fans probably get to go and stand, stretch and eat food. Even more reason to dislike New Yorkers.

. . . Utah got a very nice pick with at 25 by taking Rice's Morris Almond. Almond had put his name into the Draft last year and wisely withdrew for another year of seasoning. It resulted in a career season with 26.4 ppg (third in the nation) and honors as the Conference USA Player of the Year.

. . . In case you were wondering, Golden State's Marco Belinelli said his favorite NBA player is Kobe Bryant. "I'm very excited to play against him. For the future maybe we'll play together - he's a star for me, so, who knows."

We have no idea what that sentence means but it does bring up an interesting point about the Internationally proud NBA - they need some more qualified translators. I'm not sure if Belinelli was speaking English or being translated, but either way his transcript makes very little sense. The Yi Jianlian media access on Wednesday was a complete joke as well - as BG pointed out.

The NBA touts its Intenrnational appeal whenever it can (at least three pieces of handout literature were devoted to it tonight), but they are still a bit behind in actually translating that appeal here in the states.

Posted by David Scott at 10:16 PM on June 28, 2007

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