NBA Draft: Drinking In the Sprite Clock

By David Scott - June 28, 2007

We're back from the bathroom break and lo and behold, what happens? Our guy Graham takes cheap shot after cheap shot at my once-beloved Celts. Is it too cruel to wish Josh McRoberts on the Sixers (BG actually wants him, but we all know McRoberts will be a Dukie bust). Before this gets too out of hand and BG starts killing me with Michael Smith draft memories of days gone by, I'm calling a truce. The simple fact is that both our hometown teams are shadows of their former selves and the once great Boston-Philly rivalry is now nothing more than an annual battle for Draft lottery position.

. . . Joakim Noah hinted that he would be rocking out in the Hell's Kitchen section of New York this evening, an area he spent several years growing up in. We're contemplating live-blogging the festivities. Okay, that's a lie. We're contemplating drinking Noah beer.

. . . We finally procured a can of Sprite after hours of staring at the thirst-inducing Sprite pick clock. Sure do wish the clear stuff had some caffeine in it.

. . . Say what you will about the track record of Michael Jordan drafts, he got a gem in Jared Dudley out of Boston College. Dudley entered the pre-Draft camp as an early to mid second rounder but helped himself in huge ways with his performance there and then with some great workouts. Charlotte scout (and ex-Celtic) Rick Weitzman, who lives in the Boston-area, was enamored with Dudley form early on and started geting a bit nervous that Dudley was opening too many eyes when we visited with him at the Orlando camp.

. . . The Knick fans were in a frothy frenzy for the 23rd pick and it was a mixed reaction with the pick of DePaul's Wilson Chandler. Chandler is here in the WaMu and was able to do the shake and grin with Stern at center stage.

. . . We're officially into the sketchy pick portion of the Draft and form here on out, the picks will be either total head-scratchers, semi-head scratchers or just plain solid.

Posted by David Scott at 09:57 PM on June 28, 2007

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