NBA Draft: Five Hours and Counting

By David Scott - June 28, 2007

NEW YORK - We're in the final hours run-up to the 2007 NBA Draft and things appear to be relatively quite on the trade and rumor-of-trade front. The Worldwide Leader is, of course, attempting to break news where no news needs to be broken and continues to incessantly push the fact that they are confirming Greg Oden will go to Portland.

In other "breaking news," the sun rose today, Paris Hilton is a paparazzi favorite and the month of June will include 30 days.

Hang Time would also like confirm that with the second pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, Kevin Durant will be chosen by Seattle.

If the dripping sarcasm isn't enough of an indication, we'd like to point out that the entire NBA Draft - and its eternal prelude - is really nothing more than the sports world's second largest dog and pony show (the NFL Draft takes the cake). Which of course, is perfectly fine with us. But the upshot of all the draft mocking, rumor mongering and smoke blowing is that we're more than ready for the proceedings to begin. To use the age old birthing analogy, SHOW US THE BABY!

. . . Just a programming note for you: We're planning on arriving at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden in the 5 o'clock hour and we'll start blogging soon thereafter in the lead up to the first pick, which is scheduled to be made shortly after 7:30 p.m. We (myself and college hoops editor, the incomparable Bryan Graham) will then be with you throughout the entire two rounds of picks, so be sure to stay with the Hang Time blog as the night unfolds and the picks go from high major to mid major to low major and ultimately into the netherland of the late picks.

Posted by David Scott at 02:52 PM on June 28, 2007
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Amen about the dog & pony shows - and the NFL is ridiculous with 15 minutes between picks! That's why I especially like the second round of the NBA Draft - just two minutes between picks. It goes quickly!

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