NBA Draft: In The Meantime (Leftovers)

By - June 28, 2007

While we wait for the players to take their seats in the green room (following an on-stage photo opportunity) and trade rumors buzz around the theater (Zach Randolph to New York?), here are some leftover thoughts from the last few days:

  • Spencer For Hire: With the NBA rule prohibiting high school players from entering the draft until their high school class completes one year of college, this year's player pool includes a good number of players who would have otherwise entered last year's draft. Washington's Spencer Hawes said Wednesday that would-be high school jumpers like Greg Oden, Kevin Durant and Thaddeus Young -- as well as the Florida players who made a surprise return to school after their first championship -- make this "essentially two drafts rolled into one." But even though Hawes could have played his way up to a much higher pick if the seven-footer had waited another season, the depth of this year's draft didn't play into his decision. "I think it was a personal decision," Hawes said. "I don't think going as high as you can should be the ultimate goal or motivation, it's the right fit, the right scenario and the right opportunity to develop."

  • Karma Police: When reporters pressed Joakim Noah on Wednesday about his preferred destinations, the opinionated Florida product started to spill before stopping short. "I'm a big believer in karma," Noah said. "There are definitely teams that I like better than others but I feel like, right now, I don't want to say what teams. God willing, I go to one of those teams. I put it in God's hands."

  • Mo' Jo': Put a microphone in front of Noah at your own risk because the kid is a talker who could go on to rival Charles Barkley at the next level. The pony-tailed post man elaborated on the submission of collegiate prospects to draft process: "It's not like you control where you go. It's not like college where you decide I like this team, I'm going to go there. You get drafted, you get picked and you might not be happy where you end up. What I've really learned is that you have to give it 150 percent and hopefully you end up in a situation that's right for you."

  • What's The Difference?: A lot of players have been asked their thoughts on the biggest differences they expect between the college and pro games. Al Horford talked about the travel: "Probably just how the players handle all the traveling and all the playing that you do. It's pretty amazing how you can go and play eight games in 10 days, bringing your 'A Game' every night." Acie Law didn't hesistate: "The shot clock. Eighty-two games is a big deal but as far as a game-to-game basis, it will be the adjustment from the 35-second to the 24-second clock."

  • No Promises: When the subject of teams issuing guarantees to players came up, Noah took aim: "As a player you can't control anything. Even teams that guarantee that if you're there, we'll pick you. Okay, if Kobe Bryant says I want out and I'm coming to your team, are you going to keep your guarantee? You know what I mean?"

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