NBA Draft: Oden It Is

By David Scott - June 28, 2007

Somehow, the Trailblazers passed on UMass's Stephane Lasme and went with the safe pick of Greg Oden.

I am oh for one in my predictions thus far. Thankfully, Bryan Graham is still batting 1.000 for our team.

. . .The grand daddy of the sneaker wars and really, an enire industry, Sonny Vaccaro is in the front row of Section 202 of the WaMu. Sonny is semi-retired but still wields huge influence in the world of basketball.

. . . Gotta love the Zoe Oden clap for her son.

. . . And just like that, Trailblazers gear is now hot.

. . . The audio on the screens within the WaMu is way low, so we're having trouble hearing what Oden is saying (a bad thing) but also struggling to decipher Stephen Angry Smith (a good thing).

Posted by David Scott at 07:41 PM on June 28, 2007

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