By - June 26, 2007

Every Tuesday during the summer, I'm going to scour the salvage yard of user-generated content for the Web's best college basketball-related clips to help pass the time until the official start of practice on Oct. 15.

  • A draft theme pervades this week's edition. Here's a lengthy vid of the first-ever NBA Draft lottery from 1985. Did the envelope with the New York have a bent corner so a younger, svelter David Stern would know which one to pull, as conspiracy theorists have long purported? You be the the judge -- around the 4:50 mark.

  • No one in sports gets more out of his body than Allen Iverson, who became the smallest No. 1 overall pick in history during the opening stages of the 1996 NBA Draft. That was just the start for A.I., who would become the smallest scoring champ and smallest MVP award winner in league history during his 10-and-a-half seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers.

  • Here's a Chuck gem from 1997. Miffed that San Antonio appeared to be resting healthy players during the later stages of the season with the hopes of winning the Tim Duncan sweepstakes, Sir Charles issued a Cassandra-like warning that the Spurs would reap what they sowed.

"There's a moral thing about sports. They cheated and good things don't happen to people who cheat. ... When you rest healthy players so you can get the No. 1 pick in the draft, that's cheating. That's not the way the draft was designed and God does not look good upon that. ... I think in life you get what you deserve. If you're a good person, good things happen to you. If you do things wrong, bad things happen to you. ... I don't care about their potential, I don't even care about their team. I just know that if you cheat in sports or if you cheat in whatever you do, bad things are going to happen to you."
    Four World Championships later, it's clear the basketball gods didn't care about San Antonio and were busy aligning against Beantown, another team accused of tanking games to get Duncan. (The Celts ended up with the No. 3 pick and took undercooked Colorado underclassman Chauncey Billups, who wouldn't blossom until his last season with Minnesota in 2002.)
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