Pan Am Trials: Final Evaluation Session Underway

By David Scott - July 14, 2007

HAVERFORD, Pa. -- We have reached the final evaluation session of the trials and the players are going through stretching and light running before the start of scrimmaging. There are probably still one or two spots up for grabs, but it's likely that at least 10 of the spots have been filled. We'll need to keep an eye on some match-ups to try and get into the committee's head and see which players they are placing opposite one another. If there are bubble guys at the same position, a good way to determine who may have a better skill set is to place those players head to head against each other.

. . . The official Duke basketball website is indictaing that DeMarcus Nelson suffered a left wrist injury but no further details are available. Officials here in Haverford have indicated that the injury appeared to be at the base of the thumb where the wrist and hand meet.

. . . We're now hearing from people close to the selection committee that it is likely a slate of 14 players will be announced Sunday morning and then that group will be trimmed to 12 later in the week. Players will find out who gets cut later this evening when a late night meeting (around 10 or 10:30 p.m., likely within the team hotel in Conshohocken) is convened and the finalists are informed of their selection. Once the finalists are announced to the full group, those chosen players are then taken to a separate room while the cut players are given their travel plans for returning home.

. . . Two of the livelier and more jocular off-court personalities of this camp have been Eric Maynor (VCU) and Sherron Collins (Kansas) who were engaging in some frivolity after Session 4. Maynor was a huge personality throughout the CAA and NCAA Tournaments last season and it's good to see himshowing that side here at the Trials, where tension can sometimes be felt as the Cutting Hour approaches.

. . Looks like it's a good thing that the men's basketball portion of the Pan Am games don't get underway for a while, as the Games have had a rough beginning in Rio.

. . . Duke's remaining participant in the camp has been one of the bigger disappointments if for no other reason than he has hardly been noticed. Sophomore-to-be jon Scheyer has looked every bit the underclassmen. His body size is almost comically disproportional to the, bulkier (and mostly older) guards like Drew Neitzel (Michigan State), Chris Lofton (Tennessee) and short and stalky Scottie Reynolds (Villanova).

Posted by David Scott at 05:13 PM on July 14, 2007
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What is wrong with Lofton? He usually thrives in up tempo catch and shoot and his one on one ability last year was great.

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