Pan Am Trials: Session Three Begins

By David Scott - July 13, 2007

HAVERFORD, Pa. -- Players are going through light stretching and running in preparation for the third session of camp. We are doing the very same in order to be loose and nimble for live-blog duties. Our dedication knows no boundaries.

We can probably expect to see some trends emerging after this session and hopefully Jay Wright will begin to give some more hints as to what the make-up of his team will probably look like. He has already said there won't be room for all that many big men (after, we're guessing, the Big Three of Roy Hibbert, DJ White and Joey Dorsey) and he also indicated that the point guards he would envision for this team would need to be multi-dimensional (ala Drew Neitzel).

. . . Got a chance to talk with Big East Director of Officiating, Art Hyland, who said he will have ten of his guys working over the three-days of initial trials. Hyland was thrilled with the opportunity to get his guys into some live action with such a high level of competition.

"This is the first time we've been able to do this after years of having our guys work the ABCD camp," said Hyland. "There, they had great high school players, but the talent didn't compare to what we have here."

Just another indication of how everyone involved in the game needs to use the summer to better themselves. Including blogger fools like us.

. . . Time for some more observation and education, after which we'll get back with you for some mid-session thoughts.

Posted by David Scott at 05:15 PM on July 13, 2007

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