Pan Am Trials: Sneak Peek At Some Of The 14

By David Scott - July 15, 2007

After a 9:30 p.m. ET meeting on Saturday night the Pan Am games roster of 14 -- which will need to be cut to 12 over the next few days -- was revelaed to the 29 remaining camp participants.

While Hang Time has been sworn to secrecy on the list of 14, we can confirm that Georgetown's Roy Hibbert, Memphis's Joey Dorsey, VCU's Eric Maynor and Oregon's Maarty Leunen are among the dozen-plus-two chosen by the collegiate selection committee chaired by Jim Boeheim.

The official list will be announced on Sunday morning and we can reveal that the Pac-10 -- quite surprisingly -- leads the conferences with four picks among the 14. The Big East is represented by two players as are the ACC and the Big Ten. Conference USA, the Big 12, the SEC and the Colonial Athletic Conference each got one selection on the team that will compete in the Pan American games in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

The official list from USA Basketball will be released on Sunday morning, probably around 9 a.m.

. . . Maynor will still need to make the final cut and he is one of an overloaded group of five guards, but the fact he made the list of 14 is a tribute to just how good this kid is. Jim Boeheim fell inlove with him, much the way the whole committee fell in love with the "international style player," Leunen from Oregon.

. . . The 14 selections are scheduled to attend the Philadelphia and St. Louis baseball game at 6:05 p.m. ET on Sunday. Some representation of the squad will throw out first picthes in honor of the Games.

. . . Once you see the list, this will make more sense, but our last two cuts, based on the three days of camp alone, would be Scottie Reynolds (Villanova) and one of the Washington State guys - take your pick.

. . . Southern Illinois' Randal Falker was not one of the selections for the 14-man list, but if he had the good fortune of wearing a Pac 10 team jersey or that of any "major" conference, he probably would have. We caught up with Falker after the announcement and while he was dejected, of course, he was also determined. "I haven't been cut since like 8th grade," said the soft-spoken and engaging Falker who, after the announcement to the team, was seeking out team coaches to get suggestions on where he can improve. "I had a great experience here and I want to know what I have to work on. I'm going to show some people some things this year."

Falker, who we have taken to comparing favorably with No. 22 NBA first round pick Jared Dudley of Boston College, was one of the most likable (style-wise) players we saw all camp. He has a nose for the ball and at 6-foot-7, 235 pounds, the Southern Illinois Saluki simply knows how to play the game. We're not suggesting that Falker was cheated by not gaining a spot, but we are saying if we have a 12-man college team and we're able to get Falker on the roster, we're using a spot for him. And Jon Brockman makes two. Brockman, in fact, may have earned the compliment of the week when BEAST Joey Dorsey said, "Yo, man. That guy is stroooong!"

. . . Nice scene when Memphis assistants Derek Kellogg and John Robic were able to share in the good news of Joey Dorsey's selection in the lobby of the team hotel. Robic, Kellogg and Dorsey were able to speak for about 10 minutes after Dorsey's meeting with his roster mates and Team USA representatives at the back room in Shula's 327 hotel bar/restaurant.

John Calipari, Dorsey's coach at Memphis, got the news upon landing in Memphis around 11 p.m. ET after returning home from some recruiting in Georgia. Calipari was thrilled by the news and was efforting to get in touch with Dorsey who had headed off to his room for some well-earned shuteye.

. . . From someone who saw it: After the announcement of the team, the 14 players chosen were taken to a separate room (at Shula's) within the Conshohocken hotel where the team has been housed. Our spy tells us that once Roy Hibbert had left the original meeting room, he gave a bit of a fist pump and started calling friends and relatives to say, "I made it."

"It was really a cool thing. Just a kid enjoying it," said our witness. "I mean, was there ever any doubt that he was going to make it?"

No. No there wasn't.

Posted by David Scott at 02:26 AM on July 15, 2007
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ESPN was not as coy in pre-announcing the list.

There seems to be some disagreement on whether ACC had 1 or 2 (Ellington and Gist).

Other than your totla by conference only adding to 12, but earlier in article saying 14, the only question you left was the 4th PAC10 guy since no Brockman, presumably Oregon teammate Bruce Taylor along with Leunen and 2 from Wash St), and which or 3 potential SEC pribably Foster rather than Gee or Mitchell.

B12 guy according to ESPN was A&M's Josh Carter, not Chalmers.

Though I agree on Falker and Brockman, even harder to believe B10 only got one of Neitzel or DJ White and ACC only got one of Ellington, Gist and Costner, even afer Nelson was injured.

Though I agree on Falker and Brockman, even harder to believe B10 only got one of Neitzel or DJ White and ACC only got one of Ellington, Gist and Costner, even afer Nelson was injured.

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