Another Dorsey Disaster

By Josh Herwitt - September 07, 2007

There's been some new light that's been shed on the Memphis nightclub brawl that has Shawn Taggart and Jeff Robinson facing criminal charges for disorderly conduct and inciting a riot.

And it looks like the two Memphis newcomers weren't the only ones involved in the incident.

Our friend Gary Parrish over at explained in his blog earlier this week that it was Taggart's and Robinson's teammate, senior forward Joey Dorsey, who was the one who actually instigated the fight by punching the club's security guard.

So how wasn't Dorsey charged then?

According to The Commercial Appeal, Dorsey fled the scene before any police could arrive, leaving his buddies Taggart and Robinson to fend for themselves against a host of Memphis cops.

Sounds like Dorsey's a real quality teammate and friend.

But really, what do you expect from a guy that's been in three fights on Beale Street (home to the blues for all you Frank Stokes, Sleepy John Estes and Furry Lewis fans) since February?

Now Taggart, who was misidentified as the assaulter, is taking the rap for Dorsey after landing himself in jail for a couple of misdemeanors.

Hold on, that's not even the best part.

The episode first got started when Dorsey, who is infamously remembered for his "David and Goliath" comments prior to his Elite Eight showdown with Greg Oden last season, suddenly decided to go behind the bar at the Plush Club.

But when a security guard -- a 5-foot-9, 140-pound security guard, in fact, to put things even more in perspective -- asked him to move from behind the bar, he instead jumped on top of the bar and began showering customers with money.

From there, it only got worse as Dorsey threw the security guard off the top of the bar, jumped down and began punching him repeatedly.

And these are supposedly student-athletes?

Coach Cal may have the most talented team in America this year, but it doesn't do a whole lot of good if they can't stay out of trouble.

Posted by Josh Herwitt at 06:38 PM on September 07, 2007

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