This Is Pearl's Business, Not Ours

By Josh Herwitt - September 17, 2007

It's news like this that really has no place in our business.

It's news like this that really only Bruce Pearl should know about.

But for some reason or another, it's being reported today that the Tennessee coach has filed for divorce from his wife after 25 years of marriage.

"This is a very difficult time for my family and me," the 47-year-old said in a statement. "It is my hope that everyone will understand that this is a personal matter and respect our privacy."

As much as Pearl is right, we really have no reason to know about this. It's completely irrelevant to how the Volunteers will play this season under the third-year coach, who has transformed a traditional football power into a regular basketball contender and, better yet, a favorite to win the SEC this season with All-American Chris Lofton returning.

But is it possible the Associated Press did have a purpose in reporting this?


Maybe there was a reason why it included in its report that Pearl officially filed the divorce papers a week ago in Knox County, just two days before the couple's 25th anniversary.

Maybe there was a reason why the story mentioned that Tennessee women's coach Pat Summitt filed for divorce Aug. 15, citing, as Pearl did, irreconcilable differences a few days before her 27th anniversary.

And maybe there's a reason why Pearl, who is father to four children, left his 50-year-old wife Kim after returning with his team from an 11-day trip to Europe, ending on Aug. 19.

Still, none of this is our business, and let's not make this a part of what Pearl and the Vols do this season.

Right now, the only thing that really matters is when they do step back onto the floor at Thompson-Boling Arena for their season-opener against Temple Nov. 9, and something tells me it could be quite a sight to see.

Posted by Josh Herwitt at 02:32 PM on September 17, 2007
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Is it possible that Bruce Pearl and Pat Summitt have a relationship with each other? Will Tennessee basketball be one big happy family?

Isn't Pat like 70 years old? Seriously, I think Bruce is about twenty years younger than she is. I think the rumor sounds preposterous.

Coach Pearl is a public figure and his private life very easily can have a major effect on his job, especially if the scurlous rumors that have been out there for months are true!!!!

Tennessee stinks

Go Memphis!

Tennessee Basketball - the world is our oyster. And we've got the Pearl to prove it.

Pearl is an employee of a public institution and is paid (partly) from public funds. His conduct is a public matter. He is "rumored" to have brought the girl he had an affair with in Milwaukee to Tennessee with him. Way to trade your 50 yr old wife in for a 22 year old Bruce. Congrats UT, you have a class act as a coach, you should be real proud.

Marriage is a personal affair. Bruce Pearl has four children who will be affected by his divorce. We have no business trying to sensationalize his divorce just to sell newspapers or whatever. Remember there are two sides to everything.

I don't think Bruce was the one having the affair...

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