Bad Shot Lofton

By Jeff Lippman - October 24, 2007

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Tennessee senior guard Chris Lofton doesn't like preseason rankings.

The media selected his Volunteers to win the SEC this season but Lofton wants to hear none of that talk.

"The preseason rankings don't mean anything," he says. "It matters at the end of the season how you do."

Lofton begs, Who cares? "It's the preseason," he adds.

But with Florida and Kentucky down, this league is Lofton's and Tennessee's for the taking. You better get used to the predictions, Chris, that's what happens when you play for an elite program. That mean's Tennessee has arrrived.

Bad Shot Shooter

Florida coach Billy Donovan called Chris Lofton the best "bad-shot shooter" in the nation. And he meant it as a compliment, although when the press ran the idea past Lofton, he was less than thrilled to hear he's been given the moniker.

Lofton, who has been known to take a few steps past halfcourt and launch three-pointers like throwing stones in the ocean says he really doesn't realize he takes bad shots.

"Sometimes I realize, but sometimes I don't," he said. "I think I take contested shots a lot but sometimes the shot clock is running down and I have to. I do take bad shots every now and then, but who doesn't?"

When asked if he was aware that he often clears the center court circle already in a shooting motion, Lofton said no, he doesn't realize where he is on the court.

"I really don't," he says. "Sometimes I just get caught up in the game, going back and forth. I don't know what happens. I just shoot it.

"When the game is going back and forth, I just get caught up in the moment."

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 09:04 PM on October 24, 2007

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