Bench Decorum Frenzy

By Josh Herwitt - October 21, 2007

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- With off-the-court news often dominating most of the headlines this offseason, you don't always get to talk strictly basketball at media days.

Here at the Grandover Resort, that notion seemed to hold true with the NCAA announcing earlier this month that bench decorum will be looked at much more closely as a point of emphasis during the 2007-08 season.

The rule, which was put in place in order to crack down on coaches frequently running outside of the coaching box, has been a big hit among the media, as each coach was forced to give their thoughts on the ruling on multiple occasions.

One of the coaches that's been heavily targeted and was asked on numerous occasions throughout the day was Duke's Mike Krzyzewski.

And while it seemed as if many of the media members were hoping that the Hall of Fame coach would offer up a signature quote, he didn't have much to say on the matter.

"I think it's going to be fine," he said. "It will all wash out. Common sense has to be used. It's not going to be anything different."

When asked about it again, though, Krzyzewski had a slightly different answer for another reporter.

"I laugh at it [the rule]," he said. "I know what's going on. You don't have to be naive to know what's going on.

"We're the only sport that has bench decorum. In football they don't have sideline decorum. Do they have dugout decorum?"

Posted by Josh Herwitt at 04:38 PM on October 21, 2007

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