Dangling The Carrot

By David Scott - October 11, 2007

MEMPHIS -- We got a bit distracted over lunch by some great storytelling by Houston coach Tom Penders and therefore missed early portions of the coaches' availability on the dais. Order for the groupings has changed from what were told yesterday and the group that just finished included John Calipari, Matt Doherty, Dave Dickerson and Mike Davis.

The theme of that group was mostly on how Memphis being so good helps the other teams.

"We are all spin doctors and we all sell what we have," said Doherty. "One of the biggest positives in the league is being able to play Memphis. Kids want to play against the best. We have to all catch up to Memphis, they're the carrot for all of us to catch."

At the dais now are Penders, rookie Marshall coach Donnie Jones, Larry Eustachy and Tony Barbee. We'll be back with more from them in a bit.

. . . Penders best story during lunch regarded his summer vacation that he takes with relatives in Westerly, RI (he's from Connecticut originally). Penders woke up one morning on Fourth of July weekend to an awful smell emanating form the salt water pond in front of the house. After investigation, Penders discovered a dead deer in the pond.

"The game warden told us it was on our property and our responsibility," Penders said. "We're leasing the place, it's not our property!"

With some ingenuity and the help of a neighbor, the deer was, ah, moved to another location. A day or two later, Penders and his family was having breakfast and saw the poor, deceased animal floating out to sea. It was a proper ocean burial the coach assured us.

Posted by David Scott at 01:52 PM on October 11, 2007

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