Falker Kickin' Back

By Jerry Palm - October 30, 2007

ST. LOUIS -- While some of the women's coaches were on the dais, I caught up with preseason MVP Randal Falker.

Falker was easy to spot with his trademark dreadlocks. He was just sitting around, checking out the MVC media guide. I asked if he was scouting the opposition, but he said he was more interested in the design. He's a Communication Design major, so that makes sense.

I found him to be pretty talkative. I asked him about replacing Jamaal Tatum and Tony Young, but he doesn't think SIU can. That's not necessarily bad.

He said, "I think you don't replace them. I think you change. You're not going to have the same players, so you have to go to whatever your strengths are."

On being the preseason MVP : "There's a little more pressure, but it's not just on me," Falker said. "Matt [Shaw], Bryan [Mullins], and Tyrone [Green] have stepped up too."

On coach Chris Lowery and his new deal: "I think it helps with the stability, but you can't let that bother you. I'm glad he stayed, but people are going to do what's best for their family."

And, finally, on being ranked in the preseason and the pick to win the league: "It gives you a bulls-eye on your back. It means people think a lot of your potential and you have to live up to your potential. It's preseason though, so it doesn't really mean anything. You want to be ranked in January and February."

With that, I left him to his studies.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 12:41 PM on October 30, 2007

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