Free-For-All On Tap

By David Scott - October 11, 2007

MEMPHIS -- The final grouping of coaches has finished and the media free for all will begin shortly. We'll work the room to the best of our ability and then report back with tidbits and information that we gather.

One of the more humorous moments thus far came when John Calipari was explaining that sometimes the post-game handshake with opponents can be a bit less than gripping.

"They're all trying to kill us so the games are wars," said Calipari. "After Southern Miss I go to shake Larry [Eustachy's] and I find out he doesn't have a thumb! I get the [dead] fish. I try to shake hsi hand and I get all the way up to his elbow. I didn't know he didn't have a thumb. And he's a friend of mine."

Selected players are now on the dais in advance of the one-on-one access that will soon begin.

Posted by David Scott at 02:03 PM on October 11, 2007

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