Here Come The Hoyas

By Bailey Heaps - October 12, 2007

WASHINGTON -- And now what everyone has been waiting for, the men's intros. Pardon the stream-of-consciousness.

I'm not sure what song DaJuan Summers has chosen to come out to, because it is too loud in here to tell. DaJuan, expected to be the next Jeff Green, has this place pretty psyched.

Austin Freeman, the fabulous frosh is next, followed by classmate Omar Wattad. Place is still rocking, though. I think more than a few in attendance don't really know who Omar is.

Here is an interesting one: a walk-on, who most students didn't even know existed He seems ecstatic, but his dance moves leave a lot to be desired.

Now Nikita Mescheriakov, a Belarussian sharpshooter. Nikita came out to Kanye West's stronger. His dance moves were surprisingly good.

Baby Doc, aka Jeremiah Rivers follows, and he and Wattad, who look a lot alike, fake the chest bump and instead go for the shoulder tap.

Now Mr. Smooth, Chris Wright, who has ditched the boot (broken foot) for the night. Wright has chosen "Party Like a Rockstar."

The Big Ticket, Vernon Macklin, is the next one to be introduced, and he gets the most applause since Summers. He and DaJuan, best friends, also fake the chest bump, but this time in favor of the Dikembe Mutombo-finger wag. OK, new noise record. Jessie Sapp has emerged from the locker room and it is deafening in here. He is greeted at mid-court by his teammates, and then he greets the crowd.

And now its even louder. Emerging to the sound of Crank That, Patrick Ewing is on the floor, and the ENTIRE TEAM is doing the dance that Soulja Boy has made famous -- pretty awesome.

The man JT III calls "the heart and soul of the team," Tyler Crawford, is next, and he makes a complete lap around the arena high-fiving his fellow students. He even gives Sports Information Director Mex Carey's daughter, Meghan, a hello.

And now the man who beat UNC, Jon Wallace. This place is exploding. Wallace can't really dance either, but it doesn't matter.

Last but not least, the man who everyone has been waiting for. His intro cannot even be heard. Seven-foot-2 Roy Hibbert, to his official theme song, Eye of the Tiger, is on the court and quickly greeting the fans. ROY-ROY ROY-ROY-ROY, to the tune of the Rocky anthem, is making this place shake. Roy has a smile from ear to ear. It's hard not to have the chills at this point.

The coolest man in D.C., JT III greets the crowd in a sweet gray sweat suit. He can dance too, much to the delight of the crowd. Better than half the players, who are eating this up.

Now Freeman and Macklin join Thompson in the center-court 'G' for some moves. Nikita jumps in next. Fans are going to love Nikita, who Thompson promptly pushes out of the circle, motioning for Sapp to enter. Sapp does his best Michael Jackson impression, which is pretty good. Wallace follows, and again isn't much of a dancer, but that's OK.

Hibbert and Crawford are breaking it down now, showing off some pretty nice moves. And now it is Thompson again, swaying to the beat of Michael Jackson.

These are the best intros in my three years here. Thompson asks the crowd to once again chant Jeff Green's mom.

We'll be back with more soon...

Posted by Bailey Heaps at 10:08 PM on October 12, 2007

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