Keady Not So Foul

By Jeff Lippman - October 28, 2007

CHICAGO -- A few days ago from Birmingham, Ala., I wrote about Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings' qualms for the new NCAA-wide rule that bans cursing on the sidelines.

In that blog, I quoted Stallings as saying it is hard for him to curb his potty mouth when he learned the game from longtime Purdue coach Gene Keady. Keady apparently taught Stallings much of what he knows, including his penchant for a good swear every now and then.

So, of course, I wondered what Keady thought about one of his former protege's using his mentor as an example of why it will be hard NOT to curse.

"He's blaming it on me, huh? Of course, he's blaming it on me, I'll be darned." said Keady with a hearty laugh, still a fixture at Big Ten Media Day despite hanging up his whistle following the 2004-05 season.

But Keady, a man famous for speaking the words, "Recruiting is a lot like shaving, if you miss a day, you look like a bum," had nothing but good words for the new rule in question.

"It's a good rule," Keady said to my dismay. "I think we needed it. Little kids don't need to see that. Helps the integrity and it helps the state of the game."

In fact, Keady went so far as to say that he hopes the referees continue to call it throughout the season and don't let up.

"If it is installed and they do it right so it is effective, then it will be good," Keady said. "What they usually do when they have a point of emphasis is, they are pretty good in November and December calling it, then they start getting lighter and lighter and lighter, and then by Tournament time, they don't call it anymore."

So then, of course, I asked about a point that worried Stallings, which was what if the coach says, "Oh Shoot!" and the refs think something else was said.

And that is when Keady dropped the bomb.

"I don't think they'll [refs] do that, they have pretty good common sense."

At which point I looked out the window and witnessed a pig spread his wings and fly.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 12:18 PM on October 28, 2007

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