Kruger Back On His Feet

By Rhiannon Potkey - October 17, 2007

LITTLETON, Colo. -- UNLV head coach Lon Kruger had bypass surgery on Aug. 2, but says he's feeling fine. Kruger discovered his heart troubles during a routine stress test, and had six bypasses performed.

He said genetics was the cause, and it had nothing to do with the stress of coaching.

"I am pretty low key and have never lost sleep over anything I really can't control," Kruger said. "I have always been on the low end of the stress level, and don't care about the opinion of others who aren't in practices every day."

Kruger said the biggest change since his surgery is the amount of times he eats. He must have food with his medication and has gone from one or two large meals a day to four or five smaller meals.

"I feel better eating that way," he said. "There is never that completely full feeling."


Family connection:

Kruger's son, Kevin, is no longer a member of the team after graduating last season. The Kruger lineage gained plenty of attention when UNLV made its Sweet 16 run.

"People like those stories, and I think his mom liked that story," he said. "It was good for her to be able to watch him conveniently instead of flying all over the West Coast like she had to when he was at Arizona State."


Golfing buddies:

Kruger offered Sand Diego State head coach Steve Fisher a ride to the airport instead of Fisher calling a taxi. But Fisher had to turn him down because he still had his TV obligations to fulfill.

Fisher said he would have repaid Kruger by taking him golfing at Torrey Pines.

"He is the only coach in the league I can't beat," Fisher said. "I haven't golfed since 1997, but I am still better than all the rest in the conference."

Posted by Rhiannon Potkey at 07:52 PM on October 17, 2007

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