McDermott and Sutton Pressers

By David Scott - October 17, 2007

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- We're in the home stretch of the coaches' pressers and we'll double up again with this entry by featuring Iowa State's Greg McDermott and Oklahoma State's Sean Sutton.


On the start of his second year:
"Good to start year number two because that means year number one is over. Our chemistry is 100 percent better than a year ago."

On the pressures of coaching modern day basketball:
"It's grown into a profession of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately which is unfair and sad for me to see. But I understand that."


On the CBE, where a reception was held last night in anticipation of the public opening today:
"What a great experience to visit the College Basketball Experience last night. I think every team that comes through for the tournament (at the new Sprint Center, adjacent to the CBE) should have the opportunity to go through there. It's fascinating to see the great players and coaches who have built this game into what it is today."

On the recent off-court issues that have arisen with Oklahoma State players:
"We had some guys who used some really poor judgment. These actions are not going to be tolerated at all. We're not having this and it's not going ot happen again and if it does, that person is out the door. To me personally, it was very embarrassing."

Posted by David Scott at 11:54 AM on October 17, 2007

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