No PuPu Platters Please

By David Scott - October 11, 2007

MEMPHIS -- We need to get our beauty rest for the big day of blogging from C-USA Media Day on Thursday, but we couldn't leave you with nothing for the morning read.

So, for something completely different, here is the incredibly bountiful and scrumptious menu that was served to the Calipari Chinese Contingent at an authentic Chinese Banquet held at the hidden gem, New Asia Restaurant on the outskirts of Memphis.

Joined by local Asian community members, Calipari's staff and other local dignataries, the meal was a two and half hour, ten course feast that just about crippled everyone who indulged. You just haven't eaten until you've done an authentic Chinese banquet with a seven foot behometh known as "Big Ji" Minshang. or, for that matter, until you've been ordered to drink Tsingtao beer with the big fella. Or red wine. Or any beverage he instructs you to finish quickly with him.


Bird's Nest with Crab Meat Soup
Peking Duck
Shrimp with Walnuts
Fillet of Fish with Chinese Greens
Baby Bok Choi with Stuffed Shrimp
Lobster with butter sauce
Abalone mushroom with pea plant
Fresh scallops stuffed with taro mash
Maggi Beef
Young Chow fried rice
Steamed chinese buns
Mango tapioca

. . . We'll be back around 11 a.m. CT to start the blogging festivities. It's sure to be the live-blogging equivalent of a 10-course Chinese feast.

Posted by David Scott at 01:28 AM on October 11, 2007

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