Player Roundtable

By David Scott - October 11, 2007

MEMPHIS -- With coaches in a meeting and players hanging loosely in the interview room, Hang Time barged into a three-way conversation between UTEP junior guard Stefon Jackson, Tulane senior David Gomez and Houston senior Marcus Malone.

Here are some of the highlights of the conversation:

On playing at UTEP in the elevation. . .

MM: "That place is so hard to play. You can't breath there. Coach thought we were when we were playing there and he had us running the next day. But we couldn't catch our breath. That's a homecourt advantage you've got there."

DG: "Oh yeah. It really affects you. That's true."

SJ: "It doesn't affect us!"

On expectations for the season. . .
DG: "They've got us picked seventh and I look forward to using that as motivation. It does motivate us."

MM: "We left a lot on teh floor in the championship game. We didn't meet expectations last year and our motto this year is 'Unfinished Busines.'"

SJ: "They picked us to finish eighth and coach told us that at practice yesterday and he told us to use that to get better."

On the All-American campaign being put forth for Jackson that includes a CD with his picture on it. . .

SJ: "Oh, they did that a local radio station to (play off) my nickname which is 'D.J.' for draining jumpers. It's cool."

DG: "Can I keep this? This is funny."

MM: "Whoa. Let me se that."

On having the Tournament in Memphis each year. . .
SJ: "That bothers me a lot. The conference caters to them a lot and it's not fair to the rest of the league."

MM: "I think the same thing. I think they should change it every year."

DG: "They already get heavily marketed by the league and here in Memphis, it would be good for other cities to rejuvenate some of their fans."

(There is an outside chance the Tournament will move to Tulsa for the 2009 event and then back to Memphis in '10. This year's tournament is in Memphis starting March 12. No official decision or announcement has been made yet.)

Posted by David Scott at 03:23 PM on October 11, 2007
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maybe if those 3 were on a team that actually accomplished anything they might get more "catered to".

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