Scrimmage Highlights

By David Scott - October 12, 2007

MEMPHIS -- We're all done from the FedEx Forum as the Tiger Dancers have once again taken the floor.

Some highlights form the scrimmage won 48-43 by the blue team. (Kellogg's bribe paid off):

Andre Allen to Doneal Mack on an alley-oop fast break. . . Three-point airball by Derrick Rose. . . Kemp to Dorsey alley-oop. . . Coast to Coast dunk by Jeff Robinson. . . Baseline slam by Dozier. . . Any number of Joey Dorsey dunks. . . 360 dunk on breakaway by Dozier. . . Steal and off the backboard dunk from Anderson to Robinson. . . Several smooth moves by CDR. . . Block by Hashim Bailey on Chance McGrady.

. . . . Mack's got a nice pattern shaved into his head. I'm thinking of doing that.

. . . Chinese coaches have joined each of the benches as well. There are officially more coaches than players on each bench. And don't even get us started on the Memphis team managers who number in the thousands.

. . . We informed Lynn, Massachusetts-native Antonio Anderson as he was about to check into the game, that his Red Sox were winning 10-3. "Oh yeah, baby," was his response.

. . . Thanks for joining us, enjoy the rest of the Madness and we'll be back with you from Big 12 Media Day on Wednesday. Have a great weekend.

Posted by David Scott at 10:37 PM on October 12, 2007

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