She's How Tall?

By Jeff Lippman - October 28, 2007

CHICAGO -- The players representing the Big Ten certainly have a lot of height.

With big men like Illinois' 6-foot-10 Shaun Pruitt and Iowa's seven-footer Seth Gorney, the Big Ten interview room certainly had its fair share of tall people.

Can you guess which player falls right behind Gorney, Wisconsin's Brian Butch, Pruitt and Iowa's 6-foot-10 Kurt Looby as the 5th tallest player in the room?

Well I asked Michigan State guard Travis Walton if he knew and all I got was a blank stare.

Then when I told him she was sitting across the room with a Michigan State Spartan logo in front of her, he understood.

Spartans' center 6-foot-9 Allyssa DeHaan is no ordinary woman, in fact, she's extraordinary. By far the tallest player playing Division I women's basketball, one might call DeHaan...Superman?

"She's a player, soft touch, fundamentals, she can definitely play," Walton said of his schoolmate.

Then Walton let me in on a little secret...

"Go ask her to do the Superman dance," he said slyly.

So, of course, I did ask her about this Superman dance.

"That was the song I came out to for Midnight Madness," said DeHaan, who added that it was all her teammates idea. "That's apparently my song. Yeah, that's my song that I dance around to.

"I mean, what is really better than a 6-foot-9 girl Supermaning in front of thousands of people?" DeHaan asked.

I think the answer to that question is obvious. Um, nothing.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 11:25 AM on October 28, 2007

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