SoCal Pipeline Starting To Run Through USC

By Jason Owens - October 13, 2007

LOS ANGELES -- Tim Floyd is changing the culture of recruiting in Los Angeles, traditionally a hotbed of prep basketball stars. Where UCLA used to keep a lot of the local talent and coaches like Roy Williams would poach elite west coast prospects to play at Kansas and North Carolina, a lot of the Southern California talent is looking at USC now. Demar Derozan, the top-ranked small forward in the 2008 class and a USC commit, is a good example.

"I'm real excited [about playing for USC]," Derozan said. "It was close to home. I could stay home and all my fans wouldn't have to go that far to see me play. They could come to the Galen Center and see me play."

Jeremy Tyler, a San Diego resident and elite 2010 prospect, and Los Angeles resident Renardo Sidney, a top 2009 prospect are also seriously considering suiting up for the Trojans.

Posted by Jason Owens at 03:00 AM on October 13, 2007
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I have to disagree with your assessment that sc is a "pipeline" for so cal recruiting.

Hardly. Try "Stoneridge Prep."

1. UCLA did not offer Derozan a scholarship to play basketball. UCLA already had commitments from Jrue Holiday and Malcolm Lee as wings in that class. Derozan is a fine player and defintely Ucla caliber but a late riser. sc did not win a reruiting battle with UCLA for Derozan. This is of course the TEST, i.e., head to head recruiting battles. Ucla did not offer Mayo or Taj Gibson and has yet to offer Sidney. All (except Gibson who had very poor grades and Ucla could not even recruit, extend a visit, etc.) have "fit" issues (just ask Hackett's jaw about Mayo fit issues). Sc's recruiting pipeline is well known to be "Stoneridge Prep" and its very questionable academic background. Suc has a roster full of 20-22 year old "freshman" and "sophmores" AKA "Stoneridge Prep."

I appreciate Floyd's efforts but in truth his recruiting success is entirely tied to an institutional willingness at Sc to COMPROMISE academicly and in regards to player character. Not with Derozan, but with Mayo, the Stoneridge Prep pipeline and if it happens, "issues laden" Sidney.

Ucla is keeping in contact with Sidney but unlike Sc has not offered Sidney a scholarship. Ucla has offers out to multiplw members of the class of 2009 (Sidney's class) but just not to Sidney. Sc? You guesed it. They have already offered Sidney. Though Sidney has not committed to your L.A."pipeline" college.

P.S: The intenet is a wonderful invention. You should check it out.

There is plenty of top-tier talent in Los Angeles to go around as a player like DeRozan demonstrates. Because UCLA didn't offer Derozan doesn't change the fact that USC has a top-five national player coming in next year.

That he, Sidney and Tyler have seriously considered USC, much less committed, marks a change in culture at the program. Those types of players used to only go to UCLA or bolt for the ACC or another east coast power conference.

That doesn't mean UCLA isn't getting its players. In fact UCLA is also recruiting Sidney, who has not been offered a scholarship from USC. I'm curious if you'll still be throwing those allegations around if Sidney does in up a Bruin uniform.

The Trojans are now a major player in recruiting regional and national players. UCLA fan has to face that as a fact.

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