Stew Holds Court

By Rhiannon Potkey - October 10, 2007

SALT LAKE CITY -- Stew Morrill can fill up a reporter's notebook faster than any coach in the Western Athletic Conference.

The longtime Utah State head coach had plenty of good insights to offer during his interview session today.

Morrill is not very pleased with some of the conference decisions regarding television contracts and having the WAC Tournament held at New Mexico State instead of a neutral site.

Morrill said, "quite frankly it boils down to money."

"Instead of doing things by what's right, it's about what is the most lucrative," he said.

Morrill's beef doesn't comes without merit. "What concerns me is people don't know how good this league is."
After sharing his thoughts, Morrill's psychological state improved, "That was my chance to vent, so consider yourself vented."

A few other things from Morrill:

- On his expectations after Utah State moved from the Big West to the WAC: "You know me. I'm pretty much a pessimist. I didn't know if we would win a WAC game." Utah State is 20-12 in its two years in the WAC.

- Morrill said UCLA coach Ben Howland warned him about switching conferences. According to Morrill, Howland said, "Most coaches move up to a higher league and get fired."

- On his relationship with star guard Jaycee Carroll, "You'd be stupid as a coach if your relationship isn't good with a guy that good."

- To New Mexico State coach Marvin Menzies on his first year at the helm, "Enjoy it because it's the last one you'll have. You won't have another honeymoon year."


WAC bits:

- Menzies said his transition to head coach at New Mexico State has been greatly eased by his senior leadership. And Menzies doesn't mind having the bulls eye attached to his team, "A lot of peopele have been hitting me with that expecations question, and we are ready for the challenge," he said.

- Boise State's football team has received plenty of pub with its success, including last year's Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma. Basketball coach Greg Graham said it has helped the entire athletic department and the WAC: "Nobody knew who Boise State was. Now in the homes they know who we are. The blue turf is the most famous thing. They recognize that, and it's a plus from that standpoint."

Posted by Rhiannon Potkey at 02:38 PM on October 10, 2007

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